Plasma Diagnostics:

Plasma diagnostics are a pool of strategies, instruments, and exploratory procedures used to gauge properties of plasma, for example, plasma parts' thickness, circulation work over vitality (temperature), their spatial profiles and elements, which empower to infer plasma parameters.

Plasma diagnostics depend on a large number of various physical procedures with wavelengths in the range from sub-nm to many cm. A wide range of procedures are being utilized for estimating the spatial profile and evolution of different plasma parameters. Albeit the majority of them are as of now settled, plasma diagnostics is as yet an extremely difficult and clear control. From one viewpoint this is caused by the continually proceeding with exertion to accomplish a superior spatial and fleeting goal, to achieve higher air conditioning curacies and to gauge with more spatial channels. Then again indicative systems dependent on more unpretentious physical procedures (than utilized in the normal diagnostics) are ceaselessly being created. This paper will give a short presentation into the field of plasma diagnostics.

·         Magnetics

·         Microwave diagnostics

·         Spectroscopy

·         Laser-aided diagnostics

·         Probes

·         Particle diagnostics

·         Fusion product diagnostics