Quantum Chromodynamics:

The laws of subatomic material science direct that individual quarks are never found in the wild; they generally travel around in twos or threes. At adequately high temperatures, be that as it may, for example, those came to in a high-vitality molecule collider—protons and neutrons are thought to deteriorate into a soup, or plasma, of individual quarks and gluons, before cooling and recombining into the normal issue. That is the thing that QCD predicts, at any rate. Thus, since 1994, a worldwide group of scientists at CERN, the European research facility for molecule material science in Geneva, has been crushing lead cores together and afterward searching through the hail of subatomic particles that outcome from these crashes to search for proof of quark-gluon plasma. On February 10, 2000, the CERN specialists declared that investigation of the consequences of seven separate sorts of the crash by and large gave proof of the creation, out of the blue, or simply such a soup.